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Les Filles de Tanios® is an artisanal family business, aiming to promote, sell and cultivate products that are harvested and produced by our family in the heights of the mountains of Lebanon.

Olive oil, zaatar, sumac, thyme, orange blossom water, natural soap, pomegranate molasses…

We exclusively collaborate with small producers in the village and surrounding areas, who adapt the same traditional production techniques, respecting nature and family traditions.

Our History

Our brand takes its name from our family origins.

We are seven sisters and Tanios was our father. He passed away at the young age of 43, leaving behind a precious legacy; robust and eternal trees, his art of hand picking, and artisanal processing of olives, spices and citrus fruits. The herbs from which our spices are extracted, grow and flourish next to olive trees, sharing the same sun.

Our lands are located in the village of origin of our father, where he was, and still is, very known for his cheerful, warm and generous attitude. The village’s elders still speak of him today and refer to us as "The Daughters of Tanios".

We have been replanting olive trees for 15 years, and a passion was born with our very first product: olive oil.

Our project is not only about the distribution of local products, it is also a tradition, a joy and happiness we share with the people of our village in Lebanon.

Les Filles de Tanios is a tribute to our roots.