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Artisanal olive oil

Artisanal olive oil

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Ingredients : Extra virgin olive oil.

Superior quality cold-extracted olive oil, obtained directly from the olives using only mechanical processes.

Produced without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers and from natural, traditional olive-growing methods. The olives are picked entirely by hand. Produced in Lebanon and packaged in France.

Experience the quality of Filles de Tanios® extra virgin olive oil, and add a touch of Mediterranean authenticity to your dishes. Order now and explore the exquisite taste of an olive oil that captures the essence of our family tradition and our passion for exceptional products.

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Artisanal Olive Oil - Huile d'olive artisanale

An artisanal olive oil

Les filles de Tanios artisanal olive oil reflects a tradition that respects the environment and traditional methods. In addition to our own production, we work closely with small local producers.

At Les Filles de Tanios, we have chosen to harvest our olives early in the season, at the end of September and beginning of October. The result is an oil with a green fruity flavour, fresh and aromatic, and particularly rich in polyphenols (powerful natural antioxidants). The olives are picked by hand, one by one, then placed in crates in the shade before being sent to the press within a few hours.

This is what gives this artisan olive oil its rich, subtle aromas, making it the perfect ingredient to enhance your dishes.

The cold extraction method - La méthode de l’extraction à froid

Cold extraction of the olive oil

Cold extraction of olive oil is an essential production method for preserving the purity and quality of flavour.
During this delicate process, the olives are pressed at a low temperature, preserving their natural aromas and nutritional benefits.
This technique preserves the oil's sensitive compounds, such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, prized for its freshness and health benefits.