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Ingredient: 100% sumac, ground seeds.

Sumac is a spice with a tangy, lemony flavour for sprinkling on salads, hummus, grilled aubergines and other sunny vegetables.

This natural product, which contains no additives or preservatives, is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Our Sumac is produced in Lebanon and packaged in France.

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Sumac, a spice with a unique taste

The aroma of sumac spice is a harmonious blend of the lively acidity of lemon and more woody notes. This exceptional spice, carefully harvested in the mountains of Lebanon, brings a unique depth of flavour to your dishes.

How to use Sumac - Comment utiliser le Sumac

How to use Sumac

Sumac is a versatile Oriental condiment that is gradually making its way into Western cuisine.
In Roman times, sumac was used as a tangy ingredient before the cultivation of lemons. Intense and long on the palate, it is the perfect ingredient to complete the seasoning of a salad, spice up a marinade, grilled meat and fish. It can be sprinkled at the end of cooking on roasted vegetables, sauces, rice or cereal dishes and can even be added to hummus or yoghurt-based dips, adding a colourful, flavourful note to your culinary creations.

Sumac Berries - Les Baies De Sumac

Where do Sumac seeds come from?

Sumac's red powder comes from the bunches of the Rhus Coriaria shrub, a member of the Anacardiaceae family.

We grow it high up in the Lebanese mountains, without pesticides or fertilisers.

Harvesting takes place at the end of the summer, when the bunches, bathed in sunlight, have taken on a beautiful red hue.

After harvesting, the sumac bunches are sorted and the leaves removed. The bunches are left to dry in the sun for 10 days before being ground.

Benefit Of Sumac - Les Bienfaits Du sumac

Benefits of Sumac

As well as its culinary appeal, sumac is an ingredient packed with therapeutic benefits. It is particularly renowned for its high concentration of antioxidants, making it a valuable product for stimulating cell regeneration. The benefits of sumac are also anti-inflammatory, and it is highly prized in the treatment of inflammatory diseases or inflammation of the digestive system.
Finally, sumac is an excellent cholesterol regulator, thanks to its stimulating action on the liver.

Enjoy the benefits of sumac and its delicious taste !